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What's Your Motive?

How often do you look back at decisions and feel guilt, remorse, or regret? Or perhaps just a giant question mark, asking yourself “what the heck was I thinking”? Then, what about those decisions where you gleefully reflect, “WOW, I nailed it. I am a ROCK STAR”! What motivated your decisions in those moments to step into greatness or to feel like you totally missed it?

Every second of every day two motivations control your reactions - Fear or Love.

Fear will always whisper in your ear, “you have to or else.” Any of these scenarios ring true in YOUR life:

“I have to stay quiet or else I’ll rock the boat and create conflict.”

“I have to be loud or I won’t be heard.”

“I can’t ask for a promotion or I’ll appear ungrateful.”

“I can’t stand up for myself or I’ll lose the relationship”

“I have to do everything or no one else will.”

“I can’t try that. What if I will fail.”

Do you see the similarities in these scenarios? If you identified that fear drove those actions, you’re right! Fear keeps you playing safe and small in your lives. It keeps you from stepping into the greater version of yourself, so you can experience a life full of hopes and dreams, of setting goals AND achieving those goals. Love encourages your decisions by your hearing, “My HEART tells me I want this.” What if you lived your life based on sentiments like these:

“Speaking my heart creates an honest bond that honors this relationship.”

“I want to respect myself, so I will speak to others with dignity and respect.”

“I am asking for a promotion because I’m worthy of being compensated for my gifts and talents.”

“I will step into the unknown because I am worth taking a risk on myself.”

“I will eat healthy and take care of my body because I am worth it.”

Unlike fear, love always motivates without condemning or scaring you or others into action. Being motivated by love will produce long lasting and fulfilling results.

Whether you’re choosing daily decisions or a big life-changing decision, take time to reflect on your motive. This week choose to become aware of how often fear or love motivate decisions. Choose LOVE. Choose living from your heart and see how peace and joy become more abundant in your life.

Milli Collum CPC, ACC

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