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Greatest Fear-Challenging Relationship Destructors part 5

Over the last few weeks, you’ve learned about Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions and Interpretations and how these barriers can be terribly destructive in your relationships.  This week let’s tackle the last, but certainly not the least, of the four relationship destructors, your GREATEST FEAR. Your greatest fear is very personal and it is rooted deeply inside us and carries the most intense emotional charge of the four destructors.  It is a stronghold that will keep you running, fighting or completely feeling stuck in your relationships. 

Greatest Fear:  The greatest lie you tell yourself. 

Our greatest fear is that deep rooted, ugly lie that keeps you playing safe and small in your relationships and in every other area of your life.  This debilitating lie continues to whisper in your ear “I’m not good enough”, "I'm not valuable", “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not loveable”.  When you can identify your greatest fear and recognize when that lie pops up, it can begin to lose its power.  When you choose to believe the truth of who you were created to be, you can show up in your relationships as the best version of yourself.

-What is the lie that I tell myself when I’m feeling pain, embarrassed, rejected or alone?

-How would your relationships be different if this lie, your greatest fear, were quieted?

-What can you do the next time your greatest fear whispers in your ear?

Need someone to talk to about your greatest fear, drop me an email at or call 580-660-0823.

You can review all four relationship destructors and how to challenge them on my website at  As you begin to recognize these destructors presenting themselves in your relationships, I encourage you to identify each of them, challenge them and choose to pursue connection out of love.  When you choose to show up in your relationships as the best version of yourself, you offer the opportunity to earn self-respect and respect from those around you. And, your relationships will become authentic, real, honest and connected on a much deeper level.  

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