The Flock

Here's What People Have to Say About Their Coaching Experience...

The opportunity to do coaching with Milli completely transformed my relationship with God.  I found healing and renewal in my heart and soul.  I have never felt more comfortable sharing my heart with someone like I did with Milli.  Her patience and loving spirit gave me the opportunity to completely trust her in the coaching process. 

David, OK

I have learned to be more confident of my feelings/ emotions-trust them and not other's opinions.  I have learned that I was responding to someone I love very dearly out of fear and not love because of a disagreement we had years ago....and now I am working on responding out of love.   Milli has a a very sweet personality but don't let that fool you....she can hit you with some "difficult" questions for you to take a look at yourself and begin to look through "healthier" lenses.  And that is her goal with everyone she them live a life full of joy by understanding what holds us back- I have discovered the person holding me back is me. 

Pamela, CA