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I have learned to be more confident of my feelings/ emotions-trust them and not other's opinions.  I have learned that I was responding to someone I love very dearly out of fear and not love because of a disagreement we had years ago....and now I am working on responding out of love.   Milli has a a very sweet personality but don't let that fool you....she can hit you with some "difficult" questions for you to take a look at yourself and begin to look through "healthier" lenses.  And that is her goal with everyone she them live a life full of joy by understanding what holds us back- I have discovered the person holding me back is me. 

Pamela, CA

Here's What People Have to Say

About Their Coaching Experience...

Someone once said “Your life is purchased by where you spend your attention”  My decision to invest in time with Milli Collum, to receive her words of encouragement and wisdom to help me get out of my own way was the best investment I could have made to find the tools to build healthy, empowered and grounded life relationships.  

Trena T.

Milli's combined gentleness and directness have been paramount in my ability to see my own truth and how it affects my life. Because of her input and feedback I've been able to overcome self defeating behaviors and choose a new path way for choosing happiness and peace. It has been a tremendous pleasure working with her in the past and watching her impact on those seeking their own freedom and path to happiness. 10 out of 10, highly recommend. 

Nicholas N.

[Milli] encouraged me to step into a deep look into my life and search for my truth as a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. [Milli] guided me to see who I am...a woman of truth and hope and love.

Jensy G.

The opportunity to do coaching with Milli completely transformed my relationship with God.  I found healing and renewal in my heart and soul.  I have never felt more comfortable sharing my heart with someone like I did with Milli.  Her patience and loving spirit gave me the opportunity to completely trust her in the coaching process. 

David, OK

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