I became a life and relationship coach because I personally experienced how coaching can change people's lives. I have been through the challenges of life itself, an unhealthy marriage, divorce, remarrying, step parenting and I now can celebrate the beauty from my ashes. I am passionate about helping people discover how they can live their lives full of love, purpose and passion, even in the midst of life or relationships being HARD! 


My personal story is full hurts, judgments, rape, betrayal, infidelity, divorce, failures and fear. Life experiences and a divorce left me believing that I was inferior, incapable, flawed, unworthy and unlovable.

How did I overcome those negative perceptions of myself? I invested in myself and used a life coach to help me move past my own limiting beliefs about myself and my circumstances!  Coaching helped me move forward not only in my personal life, but it also spilled over into my professional and spiritual life. I was able to love again and step into a second marriage.  I became a better mom and stepmom.  I found passion and purpose in my professional life. I learned how to love and trust people again.  And most importantly, I learned how to love myself! Instead of living a life motivated by fear, I began to live a life motivated by love, passion, purpose and conviction!

My life is now full of hope, peace, joy, renewed faith in myself and others, and an abundance of love! 

I believe you were created to love and to be loved. I believe you were created to have relationships with other people.  I believe the amount of fulfillment you experience in your relationships, whether with your significant other, your kids, your siblings, your friends or your co-workers, begins with YOU.  


What you believe or don't believe about yourself can directly affect how you personally manage your life and your relationships. What you falsely believe about yourself will keep your life devoid of true connections and an opportunity to experience relationships on a deeper and more fulfilling level. 


I coach men and women on relationships issues such as:  


  • What do you need to experience fulfillment in your relationships

  • Whether to call it quits or stick it out

  • Where do I draw the line between grace and boundaries

  • When or if to date after divorce

  • How to overcome fear of intimate relationships

  • How to trust yourself and your decisions

  • Whether or not to forgive

  • How do I overcome fear of conflict

  • How to move past guilt or shame

  • What about the kids

  • How to gain clarity in what you really want

  • How to have the courage to take the steps necessary to get what you truly want

I believe YOU were created to experience fulfillment in your life and in your relationships and I am passionate about helping you discover how!    

My husband, Britton, also shares my passion for helping people. We are available to work with you and your significant other to help create a better understanding of who you are as individuals and as a couple.  We coach couples on relationship issues such as: 


  • How do we move past infidelity

  • Why do we keep fighting about the same thing

  • How do we communicate without hurting each other

  • Whether or not the relationship is salvageable

  • Whether or not we are ready for marriage

  • How to coexist when personalities clash 

  • How do we successfully step parent

  • Whether or not to have children

  • How to deal with meddling in laws 

  • How to manage control issues 

  • Countless other issues that challenge relationships

  • What barriers are standing in your way of what this relationship can give you

We can help you discover tools that create lasting results in your relationship.  Britton and I can help you identify, communicate and create the life that you want for yourself, as a couple and a family.  Couples coaching potentially increases the speed of obtaining your relationship goals by both parties doing their part simultaneously to meet your hearts desire. 

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