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Creating A Christmas Tradition


Merry Christmas from Guthrie OK! As Christmas is approaching, my husband Britton and I want to be more intentional this year about creating new traditions that represent the values most important in our blended family. We both bring our traditions, cultivated with our daughters from our past. But, we decided that we want to create traditions we could celebrate with our blended family.
In thinking of different ideas and fun activities, nothing seemed to "fit" all of us. So I came up with a "tool" to help us identify new, and hopefully, ongoing family traditions that would represent and honor every person in the family. I hope you find this exercise helpful, whether you are a blended family or just a family looking to be more intentional in your holiday celebrations this year.
Step 1 Poll each family member and ask them to name the top three activities they value most at Christmas? Some of family members shared that it was family time they valued. Others loved giving back or serving as what they valued most.
Step 2 Make a list of each value shared and take note of which were most commonly shared in the family. For example; four out of six of us desired family time as the holiday activity most valued.
Step 3 Take the top commonly-shared values and brainstorm together how you can honor those values as a family. For example; Giving and baking are two top values shared in my family. Brainstorm ideas how you can create a Christmas tradition by baking and sharing as a family.
Again, I hope you find this exercise helpful in creating traditions that represent and honor each member of your family and create lasting holiday memories.

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