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Assumptions- Challenging Relationship Destructors part 4


Last week we learned about Interpretations and how we can challenge them to deepen our connection in relationships. This week, let’s talk about Assumptions. Assumptions are more personal than limiting beliefs or interpretations and more intimately involved in you and your relationships because they are tied to your history and your story. Challenging assumptions can sometimes be more difficult than challenging limiting beliefs or interpretations because assumptions are based on personal experience.

An Assumptions is believing that because something happened in the past, it is going to happen again in the moment or future.

*My grandad left my grandma, my dad left my mom, so my significant other will eventually leave me.

*She lied to me before, so she will do it again.

*I failed at my first marriage and my second marriage, so I am bound to fail again.

*The last three girls I asked out on a date said no, so this girl will say no too.

Challenging assumptions can sometimes be difficult because assumptions are based on real life personal experience. And when we are unwilling to let go of assumptions, we often create a “why try“? attitude and mentality. Assumptions can be debilitating to relationships because from past experience, when you already believe something won’t work, you might not even consider it as a possibility. Or if you do, you will act out in a counter-productive direction or self-defeating behavior in attempt to protect yourself.

-What assumptions are you holding onto that is debilitating your relationships?

-How much do these assumptions breed fear into your relationships?

-How are these assumptions holding you back from connecting in your relationships?

Need someone to talk to about moving past your assumptions, drop me an email at or call 580-660-0823

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