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Interpretations- Challenging Relationship Destructors-part 3


GAIL-Greatest Fear, Assumptions, INTERPRETATIONS, Limiting Beliefs

So far, you’ve learned about how Limiting Beliefs can inhibit you from authentically connecting in relationships. This week, let’s talk about the relationship barrier caused by false Interpretations and how they can negatively affect your relationships.

#3. When you Interpret something, you create an opinion about an event, situation, or experience in life.

Most people believe that their interpretations are accurate when actually an interpretation is often the perception of only one viewpoint among many possibilities.

*They don’t like me

*They don’t respect me

*He / She doesn’t care about me

*I’m not valued in this relationship

Challenging interpretations can be a useful tool for resolving conflict. While there are multiple scenarios surrounding a situation, imposing your created interpretation, allows your viewpoint to be the ONLY one that’s perceived true. In response to your one-sided interpretation you can act out in self-defeating behaviors instead of responding to the actual and logical explanation of the other person’s actions. When you choose to not challenge your interpretation, you can begin to feel powerless in the relationship and disconnect. By choosing to focus on other possibilities and perspectives around the situation, you become empowered to communicate, engage in conflict resolution and connection.

-What are you currently interpreting that may not be so accurate?

-How often do your false interpretations rob you of experiencing joy in your relationships?

-What is step you can take to begin to challenge these interpretations when they arise?

Would you like some tools to communicate through false interpretations, drop me an email at or call 580-660-0823.

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