Coaching with Equine
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Britton and Milli combine their passion for people and knowledge of horses to offer a unique opportunity to empower individuals to live their best lives.  Horses provide uncanny mirrors and, as you will experience, have so much to teach us.  

"I receive new benefits every day since the equine experience. It truly continues to educate and unfold my true self and who I was created to be and how I step into that roll. Every day for 11 years I struggled with self forgiveness....not forgiving myself was something I wanted to hang on to. I've experienced now my own forgiveness. To live with forgiveness in my heart is a life changer." -Monty M

Coaching with equine is a powerful and enlightening opportunity to bring clarity and change to your life.

"The coaching with equine opened my heart and my mind to see that all I have to do for strength is look inside of myself.  I need to stay in my heart and out of my head and let God be my guide. 

The weekend changed the whole course of my life and my ministry. I thought I was stuck where I was but God had other plans for me and revealed them in an awesome and amazing way!" -Melanie W

"This was an amazing way to discover more about myself and how I show up in relationships."-Amy

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