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Limiting Beliefs- Challenging Relationship Destructors part 2

Updated: Oct 3, 2018


G-Greatest Fear A-Assumptions I-Interpretations L-Limiting Beliefs

Limiting Beliefs are fear-based ideas about the world, your environment or situation, and the people around you that may stand in your way. More often than not, you accept a limiting belief as true because you’ve learned it from someone else viewed as an authority, such as a parent, spouse, media, book or movie. Some examples of limiting beliefs are:

*Men don’t show emotion

*Women are manipulative

*Wives are to be submissive and not to use their voice

*Step moms are mean

Limiting beliefs can hold you back from fully committing to connecting in your relationships. Sometimes a limiting belief can even keep you from ever attempting to connect because you’ve already told yourself that authentic connection isn’t possible for you. Or, you do attempt to connect, but the limiting belief remains so you don’t devote energy into that particular relationship. By challenging your limiting beliefs and identifying your truth, you can begin to see limitations as opportunities to grow yourself. This offers opportunity to inspire others, including those closest to you, to connect on a deeper level.

-What is one limiting belief you are hanging onto right now that is costing you connection in your relationships? Where did that belief come from?

-What effect does this belief have on your relationships?

-How can you begin to challenge this limiting belief?

If you’d like support while challenging your limiting beliefs, drop me an email at or call 580-660-0823.


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